911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)
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The LIHOP/MIHOP Distraction Continued (w/ an update on 911truth.org and Sibel Edmonds, and a link to a quick update on Meetups and Jimmy Walters)


"Grand Coalition" Strategy (for 911 & E-Voting Activists) is Bogus

A quick note on the In Plane Site DVD & the 911 Websites of Jimmy Walter

David Ray Griffin Responds & So Do I, (With Links on "Sustainable Development" Scam)

The Creepy Sides of the 911 Truth Movement

Subversion of the movement in support of regime rotation?

The Real Crime / Why We're Here / Why Election Doesn't Matter

Activists: Dont show the "Aftermath" video at any 9-11 Events: Its Disinfo!

UPDATE on Meetups / So-Called Whistleblowers / & NY911Truth

The similarities of Amazon & 911Truth.org's Forum Systems

What happened to 911 Meetups?

911 Truth Movement Mistake: the Sibel Edmonds story - DROP IT LIKE A HOT POTATO

Another 911 Truth Movement Mistake - re: the Families

Watching the 911 Citizen Watchers (the families)

The Mission of 911truth.org & its "Summer of Truth"

The 911 "Truth" Movement on The Airforce Standown & WarGames

What can 911 Truth Movement infiltrators do?

911 is NOT about a coverup! (The Movement's protest signs)

Sound byte Activism (thinking out loud)

Enough with the "forewarnings" already. They only reinforce official story.

Al Qaeda = Al CIAda

9/11 & SARS

9/11 and "Peak Oil"

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911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)
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