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July 18, 2004

Did you happen to watch Kyle's latest 911 Citizens Watch one hour press conference on c-span? [Kyle Hence is the co-founder of 911 Citizens Watch and 911truth.org] It was aired immediately following the conclusion of the 911 Kean Commission public hearings and repeated several times thereafter [and is probably still available for viewing at CSPAN's archives]. If not, here's a quick 1 paragraph summary with quotes from same, which I've posted previously:

The press conference's characterization of the 911 truth movement did NOT inform anyone not-in-the-know that suspicions about 911 have anything to do with gov't complicity in the attacks. While, of course, it was heartbreaking to hear from people suffering from such losses (2 lost family members, one made it out of the Pentagon with her son), the chief concern of the 3 family members 911 Citizens Watch presented at the press conference - and one of them was identified as a 911truth.org board member - was how we can seal our borders against the terrorists, the illegal alien enemies who have infiltrated our country. One of the 3 family members even indicated that they wanted "to applaud the 911 Commission for the outstanding work that they did", & the "very thought provoking questions" they asked. These family members want people held accountable for their "human errors" and "failure to do their duties". They seem clueless about the evidence gathered since 9/11 demonstrating complicity, as does Kyle, who complained at the press conference about Osama & KSM not being brought to justice in this Country! "These 2 individuals were the perpetrators, the alleged perpetrators of 911 and these people should be brought to justice HERE..." "Where is Osama and where is KSM, KSM is probably under torture, why isn't he being brought to justice in this country for the murder of 3,000 people".

Do you think that would make anyone want to get down to D.C. and raise a little hell? Can't see how. People have been asking where Osama is, oh for almost 3 years now. In fact, this televised press conference REINFORCED the official story, while making people think they were hearing from the 911 "opposition", the truth movement that has developed since the attacks. How many people saw that CSPAN show? I keep meaning to contact cspan to see if they get viewer ratings info and are willing to divulge it. When else has anyone in the 911 truth movement gotten coverage on a nationally telecast television show and at such an opportune time - immediately following the hearings? And to REINFORCE the official story during same? I think it's fair to characterize such an action as a betrayal to the movement and all those working so hard to counter the official story.

If it was unintentional negligence to present 3 speakers who know of only the 911 party line official story and Kyle Hence was as shocked as the rest of us when the speakers spoke, that would entail a high level of sloppiness. It would require at a minimum not having looked up what the speakers have said in the past, and not inquiring as to what the speakers think about 911 before having them go to the televised mike, and even while one of those 3 speakers is a board member of 911 truth! And Kyle was providing the official story, and the official limited hangout himself in his own remarks at the conference.


7/27/04 Update

Kyle Hence read the above criticism of that press conference as did others in the movement, some of whom work with him and who offered excuses or apologies for it. Did Kyle or 911 Citizens Watch change their modus operandi following same? In a word, no. In another CSPAN press conference, this time aired following the release of the 911 Commission's report, they presented family members on national television who actually stated the following:

"I think the committee did a good job, I think Tom Kean did a STELLAR job"; "America owes a debt of gratitude to Tom Kean for holding the Committee together and getting to the bottom . . ."; "Committee has done a good
job in general but may have missed some points".

It's unconscionable really to present such viewpoints from families. Kyle Hence doesn't even feel he has any duty to even give off the appearance of having educated them - or perhaps they are actually very educated - by his 911 Citizens Watch website. Guess he can say he just forgot to tell them the purpose of his press conference (or perhaps he did tell them his real purpose, which is not identical to the purpose he shares with the 911 truth movement).


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