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August 11, 2004

This website criticizes huge chunks of the 911 Truth Movement. I hope you'll check it out, and if you like what you see here, link to it on your own sites or pass it on to others. I've created the website because I've noticed that the most prominent arms of the 911 Truth movement,
those most visible, those getting coverage on C-SPAN for example, are both promoting, in a myriad of ways, the government's limited hangout about 9/11, that the attacks were due to intelligence failures or gross incompetence, as well as urging clearly useless 911 activist strategies, like their frequent 'email the powers that be',/'email the very perpetrators & cover-uppers of the attacks and complain' campaigns.

I'm speaking now of the 911 Citizens Watch, 911Truth.org, and 911-Visibility/SeptemberEleventh.org sister organizations as well as of the 911 Truth Alliance list-serve. I and others have respectfully criticized their various strategies and 9/11 lines and logically laid out how their actions are harmful to the 9/11 Truth Movement, but to deaf ears. Not only have they not
listened to or adjusted their messages when it is pointed out to them how their actions are serving the opposite ends of their stated intentions, they shut out and try to hide any criticism or valid debates on movement strategies. I and other critics have been banned from posting to their forums where their followers congregate for just such reasons, and that's why I put up the website, so that hopefully those in the movement won't be persuaded to their completely contrary movement messages and strategies by the slickness & professional organization of their websites. These self proclaimed movement leaders, and that is what they call themselves, must be exposed. The 9/11 Truth Movement has been hijacked, hijacked by those who are seeking to become THE portal of 911 truth, while singing
the government's tunes. They deserve neither our respect nor our support. Help me get the word out.


August 8, 2004

On 7/20/04, moderator Lori Price kicked me off an internet 911 related list (the 911 Truth Alliance) and that started me toying with the idea of putting up my own website. When I then noticed the change that had taken place to the 911 Meetup system (see topic What happened to 911 Meetups?) and wanted info about it to be up on the net, I decided to try & create one.

Lori Price kicked me off the Alliance list because, as she stated, she saw my presence as: "disruptive by leading the group toward discussing its 'raison d'etre,' endlessly", i.e., she didn't like me discussing my view of the purpose of the truth movement - to expose M.I.H.O.P. (they Made the September 11th attacks Happen On Purpose) because I believe that's the only thing that would wake up Americans (those in the belly of the beast), nor did she like my focus on how the self-proclaimed leadership of the movement are instead putting forth the government's limited hangouts - that the attacks were due to intelligence "failures", which undercuts the movement's very purpose, since, in fact, the September 11th attacks were a successful intelligence operation.

Her view of the 911 Truth Alliance list's "raison d'etre"; as far as I can see, which is unfortunately shared by many in the 911 truth movement, is to get Bush out of office because she's an 'Anybody but Bushy', and if exposing gross 911 negligence and failures gets that done, she and most others in the 911 truth movement apparently will be happy campers.

I'm not an "anybody but Bushy" who thinks that all major problems will be solved if Bush is out of office. I've read that on September 11th, 40,000 people died of hunger, and I want to make clear that I'm not in this movement because of the loss of 3,000 plus mostly American lives, as tragic as they were. I'm in it because of its potential to wake up Americans in this belly of the beast as it is America that the global elite are using so as to devote the resources of the world to the completely bogus "war on terror" (that Kerry, by the way, has promised to prosecute even more vigorously than Bush). There is some hope that if Americans saw that it was their own government and the global elite behind the scenes who manufactured this terror and slaughtered 3,000 plus of their own citizens to create this bogus war on terror pretext, they'd rise up.

Focusing on the 911 truth movement's goal and how the self-proclaimed leadership are undercutting it is, consequently, an important concern as I fear that they who seek to become the fountain of 911 truth, THE portal for all reliable 911 information, will steer any 911 newcomers wrong, or away actually, since limited hangouts are nothing to get worked up about.

Of course, the same fake 911 opposition that puts forth limited hangouts have, from the very beginning, discouraged activists and researchers from using physical evidence to expose MIHOP.

So, with this website, I've decided to put in one place many of my musings on the 911 Truth Movement, my watching of the so-called 911 citizen group "watchers", as these musings are no longer welcome on the 911 Truth Alliance list where many of these watchers and their followers congregate, those I was trying to reach.


You can contact me at AngieSept11@yahoo.com
911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)
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