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911 Truth Movement Mistake: the Sibel Edmonds story - DROP IT LIKE A HOT POTATO
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Many in the 911 truth movement continue to trumpet this
Sibel Edmonds ("ex-FBI translator-whistleblower") story
even though it's only harmful to the movement.
Here are 2 excerpts of my commentary on this on a 911 related internet list.


Subject: Re: 9/11 Omission Commission - FOCUS ON WHAT'S REALLY OMITTED (August 4, 2004)

Another poster wrote:

> Asia Times: Edmonds explodes 9/11 Report

If only it were true, that Edmonds explodes the 9/11 Report. Remember that what the Commission "omitted" from its report is that 911 was an inside job, that the gov't MANUFACTURED these attacks and everyone else covered that up. Instead of showing that, the Report finds not that the gov't did 9-11, but pretends that governmental intelligence "failures" and bad coordination failed to protect us from them. Consequently, the fact that Edmonds is going public with what she says were "systemic problems that led us to our failure in preventing the [September 11, 2001] terrorist attacks" is NOT exploding the report. She's just
trying to add more bullshit to it, additional problems and "errors" and "cover-ups of those errors" NONE OF WHICH LEAD TO THE TRUTH, THAT 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. 9-11 is not about "ERRORS". 9-11 was a governmental SUCCESS story. Why do people in the 9-11 truth movement still consider Edmonds, this so-called ex-FBI whistleblower, a hero
when her stories just support the government's limited hangout of "failures" and "coverups of failures"? You'll hear more about Edmonds this Sunday on 60 minutes, I understand. People can read about these bullshit government limited hangouts from the mainstream media, get it? It shouldn't be the 9-11 truth movement and those aligned with
it supporting and disseminating Edmond's crap. Will it never end?

There's an article that everyone in the 911 Truth Movement should familiarize themselves with. It's called:

"Revealing the Lies" on 9/11 Perpetuates the "Big Lie"
by Michel Chossudovsky.

The author is cautioning all of us in his very title, to be careful about what it is you are revealing/exposing. Some of the "lies" you are revealing only serve to perpetuate the "big lie".

One of the lies that the author talks about AS ONLY PERPETUATING THE "BIG 911 LIE" is the "forewarnings". Edmonds, the FBI translator is big on forewarnings, forewarnings of terrorist planning that they deliberately failed to translate, forewarnings that they erroneously
translated, etc.

From the article:

"The unfolding consensus is: "They knew but failed to act".
This line of reasoning is appealing to many 9/11 critics and "Bush bashers" because it clearly places the blame on the Bush administration.

Yet in a bitter irony, the very process of revealing these lies and expressing public outrage has contributed to reinforcing the 9/11 cover-up.

"Revealing the lies" serves to present Al Qaeda as the genuine threat, as an "outside enemy", which threatens the security of America, when in fact Al Qaeda is a creation of the US intelligence apparatus. . ."

Remember, Al Qaeda is more aptly called Al Cia-da.

Everyone in the 911 truth movement needs to ask themselves whether these "forewarnings" are truly credible. This is what the author says:

"Beneath the rhetoric, nobody seems to have questioned the source of these warnings emanating from an intelligence apparatus, which is known to have supported Al Qaeda throughout the entire post cold War era.

In other words, are the terrorist warnings emanating out of the CIA a "true" representation of the terrorist threat or are they part of the process of disinformation which seeks precisely to uphold Al Qaeda as an "Enemy of the Homeland". . .

" The presumption is that these forewarnings and intelligence briefs emanating from the intelligence establishment constitute a true and unbiased representation of the terrorist threat. . . "

"Meanwhile, everybody has their eyes riveted on the fact that Bush officials lied under oath regarding the terrorist warnings. Yet nobody seems to have begged the key question: What is the significance of these warnings emanating from the intelligence apparatus, knowing that the CIA is the creator of Al Qaeda and that Al Qaeda is an "intelligence asset".

"the CIA is the sponsor of Al Qaeda and at the same
time controls the warnings on impending terrorist attacks."

In other words, are Bush officials in sworn testimony to the 9/11 commission lying under oath on something which is true, or are they lying on something which is an even bigger lie?"
Think about that when you see Edmonds on 60 minutes on Sunday or read all these Edmonds related articles being passed around by the 911 truth community as if they were helpful rather than harmful.

You can read the complete article entitled:
"Revealing the Lies" on 9/11 Perpetuates the "Big Lie"
together with its juicy footnotes at:

Subject: 911 truth movement mistakes (August 5, 2004)

When responding to my criticism of the continued dissemination of the Sibel Edmonds (ex-FBI translator whistleblower) story by the 911 truth movement, another poster wrote:
>>>That's a small amount of hope, but also not our only "marketing strategy" [a "passive" mainstream element to question the report at all] to reveal the report as fraud.

What I am suggesting is that "questioning the report at all" should not be one of the marketing strategies when the way we are questioning it just reinforces the cover story. We're not interested in the Report's spelling errors, for example. We also should have NO interest in questioning the Report with respect to the EXTENT of intelligence failures, because by definition it means we are repeating the mantra to the public, repeating the mantra that it was intelligence failures - the only question is how bad, how
incompetently. They have heard this lie enough already. It is not for the 911 truth movement to make them hear it more often, to push so that it will be heard louder. And that is what the promoting of this Edmond's story is doing. (Not to mention it also gives people reason to think the solution is in cleaning up all these incompetent organizations.) It is only for the 911 truth movement to expose the truth - that is that 911 was a successful intelligence operation.

How many times can one read intelligence failures - uncorrected and uncommented on - before one ingests it, even among 911 truth crusaders? How can we continue to mislead 911 newbies and let these stories be uncritically disseminated even where we have control in this internet 911 dissident press? It's a psych-op and we're participating in it each time we pass on such a mantra without editorial comment.

If instead her story is being promoted by those in the 911 truth movement because of the gov't drug connection and nuclear blackmarket she also may talk about, then whenever we promote it, we should remind people: disregard the same old gov't coverup line of intelligence failures (however bad) in her story and just pay attention to the other stuff she's saying. If the story is being pushed because it may
also be about other non-arab 911 related suspects, I don't think that's something that's helpful either to demonstrating it was home grown gov't & media terrorists behind the whole plan. That's just more distractions, more red herrings away from whom we must find truly solely culpable if there is to be any hope that the people in this
belly of the beast will wake up. With other countries in the mix, it is much harder to see our role or give us the credit we deserve. There's too much that is soley us (the demolition of the towers, for example) which makes our role so much clearer and easier to see, and it is those things that our marketing strategies should target. We also do not want to help feed the beast with ready excuses to war on
still other nations, when people will buy the first part of the story (other countries' involvement) without getting the second part - our connection to same.

In the same way that the movement made a terrible error in couching our concerns as being only those of the family members (now that they are, in fact, helping to sell the Commission's "findings"), the movement made a terrible error to ask the movement to support this "ex-FBI employee" and help disseminate her story which supports the gov't's cover story while she wears the cloak of dissident &
whistleblower, a cloak the movement keeps polished and shiny. The good thing about mistakes is once we realize we've made them, we have the choice to move on and not repeat them. Let's move on from this Edmond's story. Let's actually wipe this story off our websites and/or add commentary on its chief bogus nature right alongside it
everywhere it appears on them. Edmond's story misses the point. Let's finally stop missing it as well. As you know, we are running out of time, and simply have none to waste reinforcing the official story and drilling the mantra of intelligence errors into the heads of our friends and people we're trying to reach. So, I urge the 911
truth movement to dump once and for all this small marketing strategy of revealing the Report as a fraud through the promotion of the Edmond's story.


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