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What happened to 911 Meetups?
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What happened to 911 Meetups?

August 6, 2004

Meeting other actual human beings in person is kind of a necessary ingredient for any movement. It certainly can be inspiring. The meetup website: http://9-11.meetup.com/ is the only pre-organized way I know of to meet in the flesh other people who believe 9-11 was an inside job, other than finding out about and attending 9-11 related presentations in your area. The meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. (The next one is August 19th). But what has happened to 911 meetup?

While previously weak & coy, the 9-11 meetup system has dumbed & watered down to a shocking degree the name and description of the 911 related meetup. Actually, it's worse than that.

Formerly, the 911 meetup was called "International 9/11 Questions Meetup Day" and described itself as:

"a meetup with other locals who have concerns about the still unanswered questions of 9/11. Meetup for support and discussion on the controversial topic."

Now, they are actually calling it "International 9/11 Commission Meetup Day", and describing it as:

"a meetup with other citizens who want to discuss and work on the ideas and questions of the 9/11 Commission Report. Meetup for support and possible action on this critical topic."

How very fucking quaint, not to mention libelous, actually indicating that there are "ideas" in the Report, and speaking not of questioning the Report, but of questions the Report itself asks. Does anyone know who is responsible for this change, and who wrote this text? This truly is an outrage. The 9-11 meetup is now effectively being described as a group for people who want to get together to help implement the Commission's recommendations!!!!!!! The individual groups should make changing this a top priority. (And I note that the meetup website has message boards for members to communicate in between meetings, although nobody seems to be currently using this feature.) I'd like to actually hear somebody try and describe this as an effective strategy for the 911 "truth" movement. Nobody told me it was time to go underground. This is just a guess, but a truth movement that's too scared to speak the truth may not have a lot of success.

Maybe someone who has the time and energy can step forward and come up with a parrallel internet way for 9-11 inside jobbers to meet in person.


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