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>>"Even if Bush is removed from office, we should keep at a real 9-11 investigation. That was mass murder."

But this is not about mass murder, the mass murder of 3,000 people like you think. Not really. Mass murder was only the method utilized to commit the even worse crime, the really big one. The real crime is getting us to believe we need a war on terror & that such a war won't end in our lifetimes. 3,000 people isn't even a drop in the bucket of the number of people we'll kill and devastate during this endless war. This crime is a decades long one, will provide them with excuses for decades worth of crimes against humanity. And it takes all the resources - what could be spent on providing clean water to all, food, shelter, etc., to spend on it. (There was an article in the Times recently, couldn't find it now, mentioning the numbers re: the peace dividend we had, & then following 9/11, the ratio of what we were spending on this war on terror.) So, truly, it's irrelevant who is the president because they're both war on terror believers. 9/11 must
be exposed not to avenge the death of 3,000 & jail some people (although of course that would be nice). 911 must be exposed because doing so will SAVE COUNTLESS LIVES by exposing the war on terror to be a fraud (after all, we're the terrorists, us and the poeple we train and sustain, not anybody else that we must guard against in a "war on terror"). And we must expose it before we can nullify it. Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter because both
parties are 'war on terror' believers and supporters. And it is THAT belief which we must crush. That's the reason exposing 9-11 is so critical. We in the 911 Truth Movement, we're really working for the living and the not-yet-born. We can't help those 3,000 plus people who died. But we can prevent the death of oh, so many more.
In all the materials that we distribute, we should keep our eyes on the prize, eyes on exposing the real crime. So much of what we've distributed in the past hasn't done that. Let's change that. Let's work harder to ensure the bottom line is prominently present in all of it. After all, the bottom line is the point. Don't let people only hear pieces of the crime without understanding its true importance, otherwise they'll most likely never get to the bottom line. We're lucky if they hear anything at all from us, so we must make each opportunity count. We may not get another opportunity to build upon any baby steps we lay. We gotta skip the baby step part and skip right to the chase. And the bottom line is also more compelling and more likely to generate interest & passion, and a desire to find out more because the bottom line directly effects their lives. They'll also be more likely to fight against it because it is so much more devastating. So, using the bottom line is even good strategy.


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