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The Meetup website has now changed the title of the monthly in-person 9/11 meetings, which it advertises taking place in various cities, back to its original, "International 9/11 Questions Meetup Day", but they've changed the description yet again (See "What happened to 911 Meetups?" topic on this site for earlier outrageous descriptions). Now, its description, devoid of any nexus to the 911 TRUTH movement whatsoever, reads as follows:

"Meetup with other local citizens who are interested in discussing the events of the 9/11 attacks, and the subsequent investigation, commission, and report. Gather for support and possible action on this critical topic."

In the Meetup website's forum, people objected and I suggested the following title and rather meek (for me) group description which was rejected:

9/11 Was An Inside Job:

Meetup with other locals who have been reading the works of independent researchers for the last 3 years and have come to the conclusion that the government was involved in the September 11th attacks so as to have a pretext to start the wars that will not end in our lifetimes and to restrict our civil liberties.

Also at the forum, I demanded to know who had the authority to change a Meetup's title and description and whether anyone from the movement had okayed the previous changes. David Kubiak, Executive Director of 9-11Truth.org & the one who registered the 9-11 Meetup initially, has told others that Meetup made the changes without consulting him. One of the Meetup staff members who replied on the forum to my inquiry noted that: "Actually, we did change the description and no, we are not making these decisions without input from our members. We did check with the topic suggestor on the new description."

In any event, Meetup has now also advised that:

"One thing that you should know is that after Meetup 3.0 launches later this summer, you will be able to change the description of your local group to whatever you want. So if you want to change it to: "A support & action group for those who think 9/11 was an inside job" you can, and if another group wants to have a description, "A group to praise and endorse the efforts of the 9/11 commission" they can. Why are we doing this change? Because we know that global descriptions are tricky, and rarely please anyone. You know best what the focus and description of your Meetup should be. That is why we are turning the control of how to describe your local groups over to you."

The next meetup (they're the third Thursday of each month in various cities) is August 19th at 7:00 p.m. Perhaps lots of planning for events to educate the public on the coming 3rd year anniversary of the attacks will be discussed since the mainstream and alternative medias will be saturating the public with more lies than usual at that time. Additionally, groups should discuss MEANINGFUL 911-Truth-Movement-related Group names & descriptions for advertising the meetups on the meetup site and elsewhere.

Meeting with other 911 truth activists in person can be very helpful and inspiring, but of course, be aware that just because someone identifies themselves as a 911 truth activist, doesn't mean that they or their past (& future) actions allegedly in support of the movement have been sincere. In fact, that's what this website is about, thinking and making those judgment calls for ourselves, and for supporting what will help achieve the movement's goals and discarding that which won't.



Not mentioned in the piece on this site entitled "911 Truth Movement Mistake: the Sibel Edmonds story - DROP IT LIKE A HOT POTATO" is how "whisteblower" Sibel Edmonds's frequent companion at news conferences, famed Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, enhances her credibility. But, what do we really know about this Council on Foreign Relations member whistleblower? See, "Will the Real Daniel Ellsberg Please Stand Up!"; at http://www.counterpunch.org/valentine03082003.html ("[I]n June 1971, Daniel Ellsberg leaked the aptly named Pentagon Papers, shifting blame for the increasingly unpopular Vietnam War from the CIA to the military, while distracting public attention from the investigations of the CIA's Phoenix Program and the CIA's involvement in drug smuggling.") As Brian Salter of www.questionsquestions.net has written me, some researchers, including the late Brian Quiq who was a close friend of Fletcher Prouty and is quoted below, believe that Ellsberg was willfully complicit in this (which was part of the fabric of the "palace coup" against Nixon).

From: "Brian Downing Quig" <quig@d...>
Date: Fri Jun 8, 2001 4:01 pm
Subject: Doug Valentine

The CIA manages the news.

Fletcher Prouty explained to me how the CIA
scrubbed itself out of the PENTAGON PAPERS and
then had Daniel Ellsberg leak them to the NEW
YORK TIMES which is always ready to cooperate at
times like this. The intention was to make the
VIETNAM WAR look like the military started it and
not the CIA. Ellesberg was not a hero. He was a
CIA low life put together as a typical JUDAS GOAT
LEADER by the media.


I've also just seen mention of a new whistleblower, Indira Singh, that all should be wary of. The promotion of her story is part of New York 911 Truth's new campaign to compel Congress (didn't you know we live in a functioning democracy?) to:

"start investigating the very real possibility of criminal negligence" (sic)

and to hold hearings on the war games (also about negligence, see topic on this website entitled: The 911 "Truth" Movement on The Airforce Standown & WarGames). With respect to "whistleblower" Singh, NY911Truth wants Congress to:

"Fully address the role of Ptech, the data-blueprinting company owned by Saudi terrorist Yasin Al Qadi, in any FAA delayed responses. This company had access to the data blueprint of the FAA's entire computer systems prior to, and on, 9/11. Ptech had offices in the basement of the FAA. This information came from Wall St. Whistleblower Indira Singh, and has been documented extensively in the mainstream press. The 9/11 Commission report blames the FAA for much of the "apparent failures" on 9/11, but never once addresses the very real possibility of cyber-terrorism in the basement of the FAA itself. Indira Singh has publicly called Ptech, "Effectively an Al Qaeda corporate cell." This must be addressed publicly to ensure national security. "

So, Al Qaeda is real & not U.S. connected, and the Saudi's did 9-11. Gotta love those whistleblowers. Who needs Michael Moore when we've got NY 911 Truth?


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