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What can 911 Truth Movement infiltrators do?
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June 23, 2004

"if anyone here or another 911 'investigator' is
an agent, how is it affecting the truth movement?"

Obviously, agents can affect the movement by reinforcing
the "official" story at every turn and publicly while still
wearing 911 truth movement hats. Additionally, they can
discredit/embarrass/weaken the movement with bogus bullshit so nobody would think it's worth a second glance or further investigation. Some agents can even embellish and strengthen the official story, making it better and seemingly more reasonable than the officials themselves did with other bogus bullshit. Some agents can link the movement to other unrelated sinister & dangerous scams and draw in 911 truth advocates to support it. Other agents can seek to divert time and energy of sincere advocates away from good avenues of research (like the physical evidence) and methods of advocacy into fake and ineffective ones. Some agents can put on appallingly bad 911 events, ensuring no repeat visitors. Other agents can use the movement for ugly and evil agendas (like the "jews did it"). Agents can water down the evidence or claim to be portals containing "trusted" sites & information so as to more effectively direct people to some of the stuff listed above. Why the ways that agents can negatively affect the truth movement are simply endless! The 911 truth is so explosive that it would be incredibly naive to think that such agents don't exist and aren't hard at work as we speak. Naive, and certainly not a student of history. Agents are real enemies of this movement and it is something that must be continually confronted. This is not something that can be ignored, not if you want the real 911 truth to come out. DON'T follow other researchers and activists blindly, nor assume their research is correct or their advocacy effective. THINK THINGS THROUGH YOURSELF. Will X help reveal the truth or hide it? Will Y enable us to reach people in any meaningful way?


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911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)
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