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Enough with the "forewarnings" already. They only reinforce official story.

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December 9, 2003

The so-called "valuable" information - the only type currently being demanded by the families and being talked about in the mainstream & "alternative" press, the Presidential Daily Briefings (PDB's), is stuff that can only support the hijackers/outside terrorist legend. That's not valuable, it's harmful as it will only strengthen the legend.

You think the twin towers were taken down by explosives? You think it was an inside job? You think the planes might have been remote controlled? You think the U.S. created, funded, trained and placed the so-called "hijackers" around town to create the fiction, the legend, that it was "terrorists" who attacked us, a fiction which provides the U.S. Gov't & all its future administrations with the War on Terror pretext, the war that will not end in our lifetimes? If so, the warnings President Bush received from other countries were warnings about our own "terrorist" patsies going around town, creating the legend. Whether Bush received specific warnings (which will probably point to Saudia Arabia, whose citizens may be our next victim) and ignored them, will help out how? It doesn't matter who is president. The key is that the war on terror pretext remains, and is strenthened, and all presidential candidates want to protect us from the "terrorists". (Unless you think there is a chance that the PDB will say, dear Prez, the buildings are being taken down with explosions as planned and our legend of islamic hijackers is working perfectly, we're even getting some warnings
from other countries as the legend is being laid.)

>and there is no better shot at this than having a Family Member on the Commission.

Well, quite frankly, the Family Steering Committee isn't asking more from this Commission than the mainstream media is, these harmful PDB's which I'm talking about above. (Below, I've copied their last newsletter to this effect).
Oh, that & they're asking for more time for this "commission" to do its job. They aren't currently asking for anything that will expose the war on terror pretext. Maybe it would be the smartest thing the U.S. Gov't could ever do, to appoint one of the Family Steering Committee members to the Commission. Who would believe that the Commission was engaging in a coverup if a family member was a part of it? Just because they are family members does not mean that they have any inkling of the magnitude of this conspiracy & coverup. The fake terrorist explanation has been relentlessly pounded into us since day one, hour one really.


[*And on this forewarnings topic, please Michel Chossudovsky's 5/27/04 article entitled "Revealing the Lies" on 9/11 Perpetuates the "Big Lie" at http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO405E.html.)

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