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9/11 and "Peak Oil"

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[The following letter, which several other people signed on to, was an unsuccessful attempt to have Dave McGowan added to the program of the 911 International Inquiry Conference held recently in Toronto, & was written in the hope that Mike Ruppert's peak oil views wouldn't be presented at that 911 conference unchallenged.]

April 9, 2004

Dear Toronto Steering Speaker Selection Committee,

Considering that you've selected Mike Ruppert to be the keynote speaker kicking off the Toronto conference, and considering that it is completely safe to assume he'll be particularly vocal about Peak Oil (since he believes that

"[t]he truth is that the real story - the only story -- is Peak Oil and Gas, and that 9/11 was its first visible manifestation. I fight to expose Peak Oil in part by exposing 9/11 in a way that registers in the public consciousness. That is my obligation to my readers and - as I see it - to my fellow man."

we respectfully request that you invite as a speaker to the conference David McGowan as well, a respected writer in the 911 Truth Movement who has also been particularly vocal about Peak Oil albeit with a different viewpoint, as can be seen from his most recent newsletters [starting with newsletter #52 at http://davesweb.cnchost.com/ ].

Mike Ruppert assures us, and will assure the Inquiry audience - both live and on long lasting videotape, that this issue is a matter of urgent life or death for all of humanity. If so, we should not shy away from - indeed we must encourage the most vibrant discussion and debate on it. Arguments and theories will stand or fall ON THEIR MERITS so one need not fear a robust debate. On issues of such importance, we should certainly not shrink like violets.

Mike Ruppert's views on "peak oil", on the uselessness of alternative energy sources (he apparently even goes so far as to wager that nobody can present viable alternatives of any significance which he can't find complete fault with), as well as on the necessity of population "reduction" are not unanimous views in the 911 truth community and should simply NOT be presented as such. Failure to also provide a speaker who disagrees with Mr. Ruppert's views would mislead the audience - both live and on longer lasting videotape - in this regard, and we are asking that you see that this does not happen.

David McGowan, who is willing, would be the best choice to address these opposing viewpoints at the conference as he has insistently gone toe to toe with the views of Mr. Ruppert and those of his peak oil supporters.

We have not decided ourselves on this peak oil debate, but are deeply concerned at the thought that a 911 Truth Event could possibly be a vehicle for the dissemination of a huge and unbelievably damaging un-truth that goes unchallenged.

As Nico Haupt (researcher/activist/author of the 911 encyclopedia & probably in touch with more facets of the 911 truth community in more countries than anyone else) put it recently on his 911 skeptics blog: "I also think, it's refreshing to hear more from the "progressive oil researchers" within the 9/11 truth movement. Already started a while ago by Dave McGowan, Jerry Russell ("Position paper on Peak oil"), and many others, they continued to analyze possible alternatives to "peak oil", including the possibility of abiotic oil. I think, Ruppert followers, himself and opposite positions should be adult enough to address this issue in a respectful way. It is no secret, that the "peak oil" scenario may become the excuse for a campaign of population reduction, eugenics or even genocide. It is counterproductive to flame the minority of this discussion circle as disruptors or even disinfo trolls, when most of them had been respected members of the 9/11 science wing."

We ask that the steering selection committee put aside their personal views of the validity of the peak oil theory when making this speaking selection decision. You may have no doubt, for example, as to the validity of peak oil yourself, but please don't decide that matter for the rest of us, which is what you would be doing in effect if you only presented one incredibly vocal advocate of the theory. Many people may learn about "peak oil" for the first time as a result of the Toronto conference. And many people who have already heard about it, may be unaware that other researchers doubt its validity, but they should be made aware of this so as to arrive at a reasoned conclusion.

No real dissent concerning the official story of 9-11 is permitted in the mainstream media. Let us not act like the mainstream media. Let us not fear dissent within the 911 Truth Movement Community or hide it. Let us not elevate anyone in it to the degree that valid disputes do not get aired. Let us let the theories be accepted or rejected by permitting debates on the theories' merits. Let us not limit the range of debate in our community, which is what occurs effectively when one presents unethically only one view held by the community on an issue, leaving the unmistakable impression that this is the only view that exists in the community.

We also ask that when making this decision, the conference organizers put aside any animus they may feel as a result of McGowan's having revealed behind-the-scenes communication concerning the planning of the Phase I conference. He did that to support his contentions that: "a concerted effort (is) being made to silence and discredit anyone who challenges the 'Peak Oil' theory" and that there's been a "well organized effort to hijack the 9-11 skeptics movement and refocus that movement's energy on promoting a big, and very dangerous, lie", the "'Peak Oil' scare". You can quickly and easily prove McGowan wrong in this regard -that no hijacking of the movement or silencing of peak oil critics is involved - by inviting him to speak in Toronto on peak oil and making video and text of his presentation as available afterwards as Mike Ruppert's presentation will be.

Having already selected a controversial speaker - and Mike Ruppert's views on peak oil (the key issue for him which he feels is his duty to expound on) ARE controversial within the 911 truth movement- and having given him prominent placement in your program, you've given yourself an added responsibility which we hope you'll live up to. If his views are given such prominence by the 911 truth movement, disputes to same should not be relegated to obscure low volume email list-serves.

And on a final but not insignificant note, having Dave McGowan as a speaker in Toronto would be certain to increase attendance and interest in the conference proceedings, what must be one of your main goals.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


[A good place where you can read more about:
The abiotic oil debate and "peak oil"
is at http://www.questionsquestions.net/docs04/peakoil1.html]

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