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"Grand Coalition" Strategy (for 911 & E-Voting Activists) is Bogus
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January 6, 2005
Here's my reaction to the proposal being put out to the 911 Truth Movement in the hopes it'll reach people before they start working on it. It's a proposal for a "grand coalition" between members of the e-voting activist movement and the 9/11 truth movement. No time to summarize it, but you can read it here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/01/307162.shtml

What I have in quotes below, are quotes from this proposal.

What a sad joke this thing is, which will waste the time and efforts of well meaning but clueless activists.
"if you feel the urgency to save democracy"

Like fixing voting machines will save democracy when there's only one fucking party to vote for in this Country! Even if all votes are accurately recorded and counted, it won't mean a goddamn thing.

Will this fucking waste of time, and worse legitimation, "strategy" of asking the corporate media or the fake left media to do away with their very function, stop fulfilling their very purpose, never stop rearing its ugly head? The fake left media's goal is to be fake, corporate's is to serve the powers that be. But, what the hell, let's email again the mouthpieces for the powers that be & the fake left media and ask them to change. (And if they don't change the first time we ask them, well, we'll give them another chance to reconsider. And if they still don't change, well, then we'll file some lawsuits - ooh, it's just too scary.)

And when will 911 truth activists stop begging for coverage that will never serve them? Any mention of the movement is not good mention.

I copied this from somewhere, don't remember where, but people must finally get that "Democracy is a form of social control and the mass media (fake left included)/& education are systems for indoctrination."

So, guys, yeah just keep "urge(ing) them to report and to report fairly".

Why don't you go right to the boycott? Who among you people still has any hope that they'll abide by your demands? Those that do, are keeping us from creating better strategies, trying to steal our base and our time.

"and to properly address the issues concerned by inviting representatives of the two movements into their offices or studios."

Yeah, keep seeking further opportunities for the media to spin the story the way the media is designed to spin the story. Getting into corporate media is a stupid nonsensical goal of any real movement. You must have grand illusions to seek such a goal.

There's stuff all over my website about these stupid strategies. I'm tired of writing about it. Give up on this goal once and for all. They'll never be our media. We can only create our own. That being the case, why waste time on this - which feeds illusions that it's still possible??

And this is funny too, the counterproductive goal will apparently be met by:

"not referring to any particular detail or representative piece of evidence, or to the past history of any representative or to his or her preferred details for this evidence."

What does that mean and how can that be accomplished without mentioning facts to prove your case (if your goal had mattered, that is)?

And again, just like the mass media is not our media, the Courts are not our courts! You people are filled with such illusions - and until they are smashed, we won't get anywhere!

"This softball message can no longer be tolerated."

Ha! This whole proposal is the same old repeated softball strategy in new clothes, like:

"[investigation] should be reopened by Congress or by Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. A Congressional inquiry that respects the pressing nature of these questions is long overdue."

Yeah right, that's what we need, another congressional investigation!!! You people are clueless.
And here's another softball/limited hangout about how the 911 perps are the Bush gang (the mere foot soldiers of the real perps):

"the real perpetrators of 9/11: the think-tank members of the Project for a New American Century."

And if the following isn't the cat calling the kettle black (or whatever that expression is) when those not responding to the strategy are told:

"More irritatingly, you will be participating in a pending fascist regime and implicitly supporting the idea and reality of an effectively one-party system."

That's exactly what this "great movements coming together" strategy accomplishes. That's the very basis of the e-voting movement which some of you 911 truthers are so hot for us to hook up with, which by its very nature "implicitly supports" a one party system (by urging that the votes for each side of the same coin be counted accurately)!

"What brings us together is just a general common view of journalism and democracy."

No, what brings you together is blindness about "journalism" and "democracy", and grand illusions about the state of same pre-Bush.

And your "hope to receive the support of more traditional progressive 9/11 truth projects," will most likely be met as the "traditional" 911 activists, i.e., 911 activists whose fake strategies never stop, sign up in droves.


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